A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Create easily glitched PNG images.

Seven different alogirithms available with their own settings giving you lots of freedom to mess with your images.  You can apply an effect to all the images contained in a folder and add all you tasks to a queue and enjoy your free time while the job is done by the Glitched Factory.

A sampler is available giving you a quick overview of all algorithms effects on your image.

This software only works with PNG images but it also includes an small image converter for JPEG images.


Linux - v0.3.8 6 MB
Macos (silicon) - v0.3.8 3 MB
Macos (intel) - v0.3.8 3 MB
Windows - v0.3.8 3 MB

Install instructions


  1.  Extract the binary
  2. Run the following command:


  1. Extract the binary fitting your CPU
  2. Double click on the .dmg file
  3. In the new windows drag and drop the Glitched Factory app in the application folder
  4. You then need to go to the application folder, right click on the Glitched Factory and click open


  1. Extract the binary
  2. Execute the .msi file
  3. Windows will probably warn you about how dangerous the software is, to remove this warning I need to pay around 200€ but I have better use for my money than that

Development log